About Us

BioMedical Insights provides the market intelligence you need to make timely, informed decisions.

We have worked extensively in all phases of biomedical research and development – evaluating new product opportunities, helping manufacturers rationalize product development efforts, devising strategies to penetrate and build markets, and supporting product sales. We have completed engagements in virtually every disease and therapeutic category, from ALS to Zellweger Syndrome; from ultra-orphan indications to high cholesterol and obesity; for diagnostics, therapeutics, devices, and personalized medicine combinations. We know the healthcare marketplace inside out and bring our in-depth knowledge to every engagement.
BioMedical Insights comprises three Partners and a small staff of experienced consultants, research analysts, and assistants. Unlike many consulting firms, the Partners at BioMedical Insights conduct the research for projects themselves. We never subcontract to outside consultants. The Partners lead or participate in all project interviews, and are directly involved with data analysis and report generation.
Our staff have backgrounds in medical and scientific research, marketing, market research, and health care policy. We combine these multi-dimensional perspectives with outside expert opinion, as well as secondary data, to provide you with a clear picture of your market. We are often called upon to research, analyze and strategize about particularly unique and complex manufacturer dilemmas.
We tailor each project to fit your needs and we focus on the questions that should be answered. We will never recommend research you do not need and we will never suggest additional projects unless they are truly warranted. We measure our success by your ability to confidently make informed decisions.
We know your customers and markets. We have established relationships with clinical experts across key medical specialties and therapeutic areas. We maintain panels of managed care organization medical and pharmacy directors, administrators from key product channels (e.g. hospital, retail, and LTC pharmacies), pharmacy benefit managers, and specialty pharmacy providers. We know all key secondary data sources and will work with vendors to provide you the most actionable information available.

I can’t control the wind, but I can adjust my sails.
– Anonymous Sailor

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